The following tips will help you keep your progress safe: 

1. Make sure to agree to connect the game to Google Play/Game Center/Huawei AppGallery/Samsung Galaxy Store when you launch the app for the very first time.
2. Check if your account is connected in the Settings section of the game. There should be only the Disconnect button (the left one of the two buttons).
3. If your account is still not linked, you should connect it in the Settings menu. Just open the menu, tap the Connect button and choose the account you need in Google Play/Game Center/Huawei AppGallery/Samsung Galaxy Store.
4. If all steps above don’t work, please, contact us via the in-game support menu. It can be found in the game settings (tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen while you are in the game).
You can also reach us via our support website using the "Contact us" button or via this form:
5. Open Settings and tap on "Copy UID" in the bottom part of the screen, so you can see your User ID. Make a screenshot and keep it in some safe place. We hope you won’t need it, but in case something happens, you will be able to use your old ID for contacting us.
6. Do not reinstall the game unless necessary! Reinstalling the game too frequently may result in progress loss issues.
7. Some players might experience loading problems right after the release of an update. Just wait for a while - usually these issues are resolved within a short period of time.
8. Don’t hurry to follow other players' advice. Each situation is different, so solutions vary.
9. Cheats, hacks and mods will contribute to losing your account sooner or later.
10. The last but not the least: never share your Google Play/Game Center/Huawei AppGallery/Samsung Galaxy Store login and password with anyone.