Since all purchases are handled by the app store from which the game was downloaded, store malfunctions may affect the availability of in-game purchases. If you’ve already tried to wait a bit and try again later, but it didn’t change anything, then the following tips will most likely help you:

Check your Internet connection and try changing its type. We recommend that you use stable and fast Wi-Fi connection. VPN apps also affect your connection, try disabling them or changing their settings;

Try restarting your device, installing available app updates, and clearing the cache of the app store you downloaded the game from (if your device allows it). And also check that the date and time on the device are set correctly;

Make sure that the game supports the payment method you have chosen, that you enter the payment details correctly, and that you have the required amount of funds in your account. Please also be aware that the platform or chosen payment method may impose additional fees on payment.

You’ve completed all the steps above but still can't proceed with the purchase? In this case, we recommend that you contact the technical support of the app store from which the game was installed. And as for detailed payment instructions and commissions - please, contact the technical support of your chosen payment method.