Already heard the latest news? The game has got a global storyline! You’ll immediately see a new button in the upper right corner of the screen:

That’s all right, don’t get yourself scared, click on it. At the moment, only Act 1 is available in the game, next acts (as well as some other sections, "Army Bunkers", in particular) will appear in the not so distant future.

To start the first mission, you must have a radio in your base. Acts are permanent content that is not related to seasons. Which means that you can start, continue or complete these tasks at any time. There are no limits.

The trained eye of an experienced survivor will soon notice the new rewards. These are given for the successful completion of the tasks of the act, and then moved to the "Inbox" section right as you claim them. You’ll also notice that some of the rewards are hidden behind Premium access. As mentioned above, the chapters of the "Stories" are not related to seasons. So Premium access for additional resources must be purchased separately, on the same tab with the rewards of the Act, not on the tab with the season.

What, waiting for something else? That's it, it’s that simple! If you face any difficulties in the process, we recommend that you read additional articles:
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