So, you’ve already completed all the tasks of the first Act and now don’t know what to do with your life? It's time for new achievements!

The system itself has not changed. You can read about previous chapters and Stories here. Meet other survivors, complete their tasks and receive rewards. The usual thing. This time you have to expand the base for future adventures in a new, separate settlement. In the future, these buildings will have practical use, but for now, tasks should be completed to get a special "Handyman" costume and to advance in the story. And also for fun itself, you know :) The remaining chapters of the Act will become available later.

Please note that the Pine Wood (red) location will now be replaced by a new permanent zone, Abandoned Factory. If you have not yet reached Act 2, then you will not be able to get inside the Factory itself (or visit the Settlement). But as soon as this happens, it becomes possible to find rare details in the main room and basement of the building ;)