The service Kefir ID is already available and designed to synchronize your progress between devices. Whether you play on iOS and Android platforms or Huawei and Samsung devices – your progress will be stored in one place. We’d like to emphasize that this doesn’t simply giving up your existing Google Play or App Store accounts, but simply combining them in our service for further use. You can create a Kefir ID account through a special button in the game settings 

Kefir ID gives access to the much-awaited feature that enables you to transfer your account to another operating system on your own! That’s right, if you’ve changed the phone, you no longer need to contact the support service and wait for your turn to have your progress transferred from iOS to Android and vice versa. But first, we would ask you to read the instructions on how to transfer your progress before you register an account.

Let's make it clear that you don't have to sign up for Kefir ID if you don't feel the need to. You should also not disconnect your progress from existing bindings (!).The most important thing for us is providing you with a comfortable gaming experience. So be it, good luck!