Places of interest are special sites that you can randomly come across in skull locations. Don't miss your chance to interact with the following environments:

Sacrificial Altar. A gathering point for servants of the gods of the Plaguelands. Here, you will find a victim begging to be freed. A freed captive may fight on your side or try to kill you. It's up to you to decide whether to take the risk and get either an ally or an enemy.

Chained Chest. A treasure chest that requires the upgraded Heavy Strike skill to open. The chains break only under force, as the key to the chest was lost long ago.

Deer Carcass. If you suddenly come across a disembowelled deer, then know that you're in the vicinity of a Varg, the plagued offspring of the land of Lubenia. If you touch its prey, be ready to meet face to face with the beast.

Old Well. Repairing this well uses some of the most widely-available resources, like limestone and logs, but what you raise from the depths might be many times more valuable.