The Traitors' Catacombs is an event that occurs randomly when you go to the world map. The Catacombs are a small dungeon that an Exile descends through floor by floor. Enemies are summoned to battle with a ring of a bell, and you must survive at least three waves of them to proceed further into the depths of the Catacombs. Fight multiple battalions of the Plaguelands' most dangerous monsters to get the most valuable loot.

Expend your resources wisely because, after defeating each wave, you have the chance to collect the reward that you are due and leave the Catacombs. To prove your courage, you need only defeat the first battalion of enemies. Once you proceed to the treasure chest, you will not be able to return to the Catacombs. The final chest's reward will equal the Exile's perseverance and the number of waves defeated. Besides a variety of equipment, weapons, and resources, you also have the opportunity to score enchanted iron, the Damned Champion's Shield, and unique colored panniers.

But be careful: if your character dies in the Catacombs, you won't be able to retrieve their body. The Catacombs are teeming with fearsome opponents, so bring your best weapons and plenty of healing items. The more battalions you destroy, the stronger and more dangerous the enemies that await you further on.