The Enchanted Chest is unique among the chests in an Exile's castle. To craft it, you must venture out to locate special resources: enchanted iron in the Traitors' Catacombs and enchanted lumber in the Dungeon of the Torturers. The Enchanted Chest helps Exiles spend less time traveling back to their castles for the materials they need to continue fighting.
Prepare for dungeons by placing the equipment and healing items you need in the Enchanted Chest before you leave your castle. Then, once you are in the dungeon, you will be able to retrieve these items from the chest there. At your home location, you can use the Enchanted Chest like any other chest, storing items in it and removing them when you need them. However, in dungeons, you can only retrieve items from the chest that you placed there before you left your castle.
Unlike with other chests, the capacity of the Enchanted Chest may be increased. You can upgrade the chest up to level 4 to not only unlock as many as 25 slots, but also earn extra castle points.