All Exiles above level 7 can access a new peaceful location: the Camp of Scarlet Angels. The camp will be located not far from your castle and will be available on a permanent basis. The characters at the Camp of Scarlet Angels have prepared something special for you. You will also have access to a notice board with daily tasks.
The inhabitants of the camp have erected a statue of Harat. Once every 8 hours, the statue will give a special bonus to those survivors whom the gods deem worthy. To receive the statue's blessing, you need to touch it.
The Camp also has a special well that replenishes energy and quenches thirst. Give it a try next time you see it! And if you're hungry, you can head to the other side of the settlement to experiment with culinary recipes.
Exiles who are keen to explore Lubenia should talk to the Scout. Once a day, he can show you the way to one of the game event locations. But before you go, consider using the training dummies to hone your skills without losing weapon durability.