• Check if the Internet connection you are using is fast and stable. You can update your Internet connection by enabling airplane mode and disabling it again.
  • Close the game through the task manager and then restart it.
  • Make sure that your device has enough free space (at least 1,5 GB). Go to settings – Storage and check how much free space there is on your device. Then delete the files you don’t need in case you don’t have enough space.

For the Android OS, one needs Android 7.0 or later and 4 GB of RAM. For stable performance on iOS, one needs OS version 13 or later.

If your device meets all of these requirements, but the loading problem still occurs, please contact us. In order to be able to address this issue more efficiently, we are asking you to specify the following information:
  1. The device model and OS version.
  2. Your User ID (tap the upper left corner of any loading window and take a screenshot of the ID that appears at the bottom right corner of the game).
  3. Description of your actions before the problem appeared.