"Season" is a global series of events, to participate in them you only need to download and install the latest game update. If you have just started playing, first you'll probably need to level up your character a little, you'll see the requirements for the character level in the game itself. Each season has its own plot and events, its own unique rewards and resources. However, all seasons have something in common. In particular, all seasons last 21 days, to get rewards in each season, this whole time you must complete tasks.

To keep track of your advancement during the season, you just need to click on the "star"- button, which is located next to the game store and your character’s inventory.

Among the sections of this menu you can find not only the tasks, but also the rewards that you can get for completing them. Premium menu rewards are divided into two categories - free, which all players have access to, and paid, which can be accessed only by purchasing the paid version of the Premium.
When the season ends, you can no longer receive rewards. Tasks are limited by the duration of the events themselves. For each new season, Premium is purchased separately. And if you didn't take the rewards of the previous season in the Season Pass main menu, then these resources will be moved to the "Inbox" section automatically, right at the beginning of the new season.

The chapters of the Survivor’s Path are not related to seasons. So Premium access for additional resources must be purchased separately, on the same tab with the rewards of the Path, not on the tab with the season.