On the main screen of the game, you can see the following buttons. They are described below:
0. Survivor’s Path

1. Here you can see the list of friends, find detailed information about the clan and change privacy settings.

2. If you need to configure graphics and sound or link your account to save progress, then tap on it! In addition, you can see the latest game news and contact technical support.

3. The mini-map shows all the surrounding objects, including enemies. Be on the alert!

4. Editing buildings and furniture of the base. Create your own impenetrable fortress!

5. Fast access slot. Here you can place weapons, first aid kits and food.

6. Attack button. If you see an enemy - tap as often as possible!

7. To interact with surrounding objects and collect valuable equipment.

8. You need to move quietly - this will help sneak up to the enemy and inflict a critical hit.

9. In the inventory, you can see all the collected items and equip your character.

10. List of all available blueprints for buildings. Don't forget to invest experience points to research new blueprints.

11. Not enough resources to build the base? You can find everything you need in the play store. Purchases and resources will be stored in the mailbox in this same section.

12. Information about the current game season.

13. Game chat for interaction between survivors, clan members and tournament players.

14. Character control circle. Movement is life!

15. Button for automatic collection of resources at the location. Be careful, however, it won't save you from zombies!