You've probably noticed that clan members have different roles, so what privileges do you have in the clan (which others do not, haha)?

The Clan Leader is capable of doing literally everything, he can invite and add new participants to the clan, exclude from it, change the roles of any clan members, arrange a sale in the crater, has access to the clan storage. Psst, dude, just don't go on vacation without taking a phone with you to the tropical islands. When you return, you will most likely find that there is no one left in the clan, and that your precious clan storage was stolen by former colleagues. No, that's not a "bug", you left these people, you rascal :(

The Right Hand can do almost anything and has all the privileges, except for the appointment of the Clan Leader and the Right Hand.

Officer has access to the clan storage, he can raise the rank of another clan participant from "Recruit" to "Member", exclude from the clan. As well as constantly laughing at the "Members" and "Recruits" without any consequences...

Members only have access to the clan storage, they do not have the ability to invite to the clan, exclude or else. Well, at least you are no longer one of these... what'd you call them... "Recruits" ... Phew!

Recruit - cannot do anything, has no access whatsoever to the clan storage. Yeah, well, they don't trust you yet. But what are you waiting for? Make friends with the least nasty officer! Or be grateful that at least you don't have to pay rent ;)