It is worth mentioning that the new sectors of the laboratory are intended for the most experienced players. If it's too difficult, then maybe you should better develop your character, get more powerful equipment and come back a little later, once it’s done. If there is a difficulty with a certain place in the laboratory, then try to explore the surroundings once more. Maybe there is a terminal nearby that opens a certain door or turns off a trap? In Sector B1, for example, you need protection from the cold, but it’s better to run the longest corridor there without stopping, while also not forgetting about the wall heaters. If it’s all about a specific enemy or boss, then perhaps he is armored and it is better to use a suitable weapon to destroy him. And always remember about the perks, some of them, for example, even disable all traps. If it’s still too hard, then perhaps this time you just got wrong buffs. Then next time you’ll probably have better luck!