Recently, rumors about unidentified objects in the sky began to walk around the whole Wasteland. These are definitely not aliens and not some campfire stories. Zombies have not yet learned to fly either, except perhaps from the shockwave of your explosives. There can be only one explanation - someone remembered the latest technological advances before the apocalypse, and, once again, brought drones to the sky.

Bet you already want to get hold of one of these beauties? Then what are you waiting for?

Upon reaching a certain chapter in the Survivor’s Path, a mysterious signal will be intercepted in the Settlement. Finding its source will lead you to a new permanent location - the Transport Hub. It’s not that easy to enter there, you’ll need the same very drone. It is built through the blueprint menu for the old base, along with its docking station. There, the drone recharges, it always returns to the station after the death of your character. Flight controllers and hydraulic parts for this station can be found in the depths of the laboratory, in the corpse of one of the bosses. Flight controllers can also be crafted at your old base using the «electronics lab»-workbench, and hydraulic parts can be obtained as rewards for completing expeditions. By doing this, and building a docking station on the old base, you become the owner of your own small aircraft. It is equipped from the docking station to the character's item slot, such as first-aid kits or grenades.

At first, the drone will only be able to attack enemies for a limited time, but, in the future, it will be possible to equip it with all sorts of deadly modules. In the same blueprint menu, in addition to the docking station, you’ll also find an upgrade workbench.

Where to get the blueprints for these improvements (as well for the upgrade workbench) and resources, you say? In the same Transport Hub, the drone will open the gate for you. The first few drone upgrades can be obtained by visiting watchtowers in search for an unknown signal. Resources can also be purchased in the in-game store, some new details can be crafted in the Settlement using new workbenches. By the way, the new mercenary Naomi will take part in expeditions, along with her own faithful drone named Dash.

That seems to be all, we just want to warn you that the Transport Hub, as well as the Laboratory, are intended for the most experienced survivors who’ve been through thick and thin (and through electric cables of the settlement as well). Do you consider yourself one of those? Let's see :)