Survivor's Path is a multi-chapter quest set that introduces the basics of the game and its storyline. It's simple - you complete tasks and collect items from the rewards menu.

As in seasons, all rewards are divided into free and premium. For the Survivor’s Path, there are 2 options at once - Premium and Premium +

Apart from additional rewards and increased character experience, the Premium+ for the Survivor's Path also increases the experience gained in seasons. And it allows you to get bonuses from watching ads without watching the videos themselves, that is, get bonuses instantly. Not to mention the new outfit style for your character.

At the same time, Premium access for the season and for the Survivor's Path (and for the Big Hunt event, for example) are separate purchases. This means that purchasing Premium access to the season does not give you Premium access to the Path and vice versa.

The Premium (+) for the Survivor’s Path also has a time limit. Which means that after the time period specified in the menu, Premium (+) and all its bonuses will be unavailable, and you will once again have access only to free rewards. Therefore, do not forget to immediately pick up the items received from the menu so as not to lose them!